Pathways to becoming a Cisco Instructor

Days ago, talking with a follower of the blog, the topic of how to get certified as a Cisco Systems Instructor came up. Based on that conversation, it seemed important to me to write a post on this topic since I always receive inquiries about it and I certainly cannot find a reference that can clarify it in a simple way. First of all, some clarifications must be made:

The fact of obtaining a technical certification (CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, etc.) does not accredit pedagogical capabilities and therefore does not accredit the category of Instructor in Cisco technologies. This is explicitly stated in the agreement that every certified technician signs after passing their first Cisco certification exam.

The Cisco Instructor category responds to a series of different certifications that explicitly assess technical and pedagogical skills.
Consequence: to be able to present yourself as a "certified instructor" you must obtain one of the certifications that I will mention below.To obtain an Instructor certification, you must be associated with a training organization in the Cisco ecosystem: a Cisco Learning Partner (CLP) or a Cisco Networking Academy (CNA).

Only those who are related to one of these organizations qualify for an Instructor certification.The simple fact of giving training on Cisco technology and having a technical certification does not accredit you as a Cisco Instructor. Even less if it is done in an organization that is not an official Cisco Systems partner.Now, with these considerations made, there are different official Cisco Instructor certifications.

Cisco Certified Academy Instructor is the certification of the Cisco Networking Academy Instructors.It is a necessary condition to be a CNA Instructor.It requires passing the 4 semesters of CCNA, Passing the CCNA 200-301 test and carrying out the corresponding accreditation before the Networking Academy.

Certified Cisco Systems InstructorIt is the certification of the Instructors of Cisco Solution Learning Partners (CSLP).It is a necessary condition to have a CCO (Cisco Connection On Line ID) associated with a CSLP.It enables the dictation of all Cisco Systems technical trainings in which the technician is previously certified (eg to dictate the ROUTE course it is necessary to pass the homonymous certification exam before).Requires having an active CCNA certification and passing the ICP exam. This is a 2-day face-to-face exam (proctored) that assesses the candidate's teaching skills on one side and their technical skills on the other. In addition, you must pass the certification exam corresponding to each of the trainings that you have to dictate.

Cisco Certified Business FacilitatorIt is the certification of the Cisco Business Learning Partner Instructors (CBLP).It is a necessary condition to have a CCO associated with a CBLP and to be CCSI certified.It enables the dictation of all training sessions in the Cisco Systems commercial area in which the Instructor is previously certified.It requires the passing of an online certification exam, and then the corresponding certification for each of the trainings to be taught.